Sidney Dairy Barn
Home of World's Best Ice Cream
Open Daily noon - 9pm!

Flavor of the Week Calendar
Find out more information about our various flavors and nutrition facts here. 

We open daily
Noon to 9:00pm
Mint  & then,
LEMON starting May 27 for a whole week!
 Alaska will serve up the ever popular
Vanilla and Chocolate!
ZeeMoo will serve up Vanilla and
The Barn's Featured Flavor!

We are the Home of
*The World's Best Ice Cream*

We look forward to serving your favorite ice cream flavors this year.
Thanks for loving the ice cream

Contact the office Monday - Friday at 217-688-3700 or send an email to

Sidney Dairy Barn Moo Mobile Pricing:

Moo Fees: One hour or less - $50    or two to three hours $100

***(These fees are within a 10 mile radius of the Dairy Barn. If further away, we charge mileage X the gas price of the day of the event)

 Our ice cream offerings:

$1.75  Mini Moos (4 ounces of ice cream)

$3.00   Regular Cup (7 ½ ounces)

$2.25  Small Sundae (6 ounces & includes choice of three toppings)

$3.50  Large Sundae (9 ounces & includes choice of three toppings)

$2.50  Ice Cream Sandwich

   ***Our prices always include tax...
  When we are at Urbana's Farmers Market our prices reflect their 10% tax***

We all cannot wait for the season's first Sidney Dairy Barn cones!

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