Sidney Dairy Barn
Home of World's Best Ice Cream

We are now closed until April 2016

Flavor of the Week Calendar
Find out more information about our various flavors and nutrition facts here. 

HAPPY 2016!

Our ice cream machines:  Alaska and ZeeMoo are resting for the winter.  
Oh, and The Moo Mobile is in another "pasture" to escape the snow.  

It is February and it seems like forever until April shows up!

We are the Home of
*The World's Best Ice Cream*

We look forward to serving you all your favorite ice cream flavors this year!

Hang On!  
April 15th is coming!

Count down: 70 days

Thanks for loving the ice cream

Contact the office Monday - Friday at 217-688-3700 or send an email to

Sidney Dairy Barn Moo Mobile Pricing:

Moo Fees: One hour or less - $50    or two to three hours $100

***(These fees are within a 10 mile radius of the Dairy Barn. If further away, we charge mileage X the gas price of the day of the event)

 Our ice cream offerings:

$1.75  Mini Moos (4 ounces of ice cream)

$3.00   Regular Cup (7 ½ ounces)

$2.25  Small Sundae (6 ounces & includes choice of three toppings)

$3.50  Large Sundae (9 ounces & includes choice of three toppings)

________$2.50  Ice Cream Sandwich______________

We all cannot wait for the season's first Sidney Dairy Barn cones!

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