2020 Valentine's Day will arrive soon

Featured Flavor Calendar are $15


*We are closed for a few weeks*

What is available, now?


Sidney Dairy Barn Calendars are available.

They are $15

They show what flavor is featured each day!

IT also has $15 worth of coupons to use this year at our Sidney Dairy Barn shop in Sidney, Illinois. 

Also, Our Sidney Dairy Barn mugs with spoons.  You can purchase them for $8 now.   

Our downtown home office  has calendars and mugs available.

Moo Mobile & MOO TOO

Our mobile units are The Moo Mobile and MOO TOO.

These trucks are how we get our ice cream from our Home store in Sidney out to all of you in Champaign County.

Call 688-8026 to check our availability or

go to our contact page to capture your event's date!